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Our Content Writing Service is designed to provide clients with well-written, informative copy to publish on their website(s).

Each client is different in terms of their requirements. Some need the highest possible content quality whereas others just need basic content which they’ll use purely for link-building purposes.

With content, there are different types. We’ll cover a few here as an illustration:

Informational Articles

Informational articles are there to answer searchers’ questions and broaden out a website. Rather than a site being solely commercially focused by trying to sell products alone, answering searchers’ questions provides insights or ‘How-To‘ information that’s practical and applicable.

Publishing information content also convinces readers that your site is an authority in the space, industry or niche, especially when the content is in a class of its own.

Here are two recent examples of informational articles produced by the team at TechieNomad:

How to Plumb-In and Install A Table Top Dishwasher

Table Top Dishwasher article image

Top 3 Kitchen Knives–Global Vs Wüsthof Vs Shun

Kitchen Knife brands article image


A listicle is a long article which is broken down into a series of points.

Usually, the format is “Top 10 Ways…” or “X Reasons to…

The idea is to provide a scan-able list of short facts and basic information to the reader. They’re fun and quick to read for visitors (and link worthy on social media too).

Informational Articles (for Link Building Purposes)

Informational content is also sought for use as a guest post on another website.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be to the highest quality (or the same length) as other How-To guides, but it serves a purpose for publishing and to provide a link back pointing at your website.

The length and quality level largely depends on what the guest post submission requirements are. The client should verify that before placing an order because we are not responsible for whether a provided article is accepted on the intention site as a guest post or not. Every site has their own requirements which are totally out of our control.

Product Reviews

A product review focused on one product.

The product may or may not have already been featured as a mini review within an existing buyer guide.

For the most popular products – or just for completeness – it’s useful to provide full reviews of best-selling products. Doing so provides potential buyers with a more in-depth review compared to what’s possible within the confines of a buyer guide that covers several products together.  

A typical product review may provide information such as:

  • An introduction to the product
  • A list of product specifications
  • Unique selling points
  • What type of person the product will be suitable for
  • Is there another product that’s better?

The product review itself will pass Copyscape (a plagiarism checker). However, the product name within the review may get flagged because the name will be contained within other product reviews online. This isn’t a problem, but it is something to be aware of.

Buyer’s Guides

The buyer’s guide (or consumer guide) is designed to provide comparative information to the site visitor.

These are commercially focused with the goal of educating the searcher about the type of product. To do this, 5-10 mini reviews of the better products are included, plus a ‘buyer’s guide’ or FAQ to be more informative.

When ordering a buyer’s guide, the client usually is asked to provide the following information:

  1. Targeted keyword
  2. A style guide or link(s) to pre-existing buyer guides that they like
  3. Links to the products to be reviewed
  4. Confirmation of the English language or market being targeted (USA, UK, Europe)

Essentially, with effective guidance by the client, it’s possible to produce writing that’s on-point. Often, clients need to be encouraged to provide more complete information, so that the writing will ultimately satisfy their requirements when delivered.

Here are two recent examples of buyer guides produced by the team at TechieNomad:

Best Power Tower for Calisthenics

Power Tower article example image

Best Recumbent Bike for The Elderly and Seniors

Recumbent Bike article example image

As mentioned previously, product names sometimes get flagged by Copyscape when other published buyer guides refer to the same products. However, the content is original and passes checks otherwise.

Whatever your content requirements, the team at TechieNomad can provide what you need. Get in touch to start the discussion.

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